How do I participate in HOODIE VOTE?

1.    WEAR your “Hoodie Vote” hoodie. Be visible! Buy one here right now, buy a box and sell them at your school or event, OR MAKE YOUR OWN!! Our goal is one million Hoodies at the Polls in every community in America by this Fall.

We are calling on all athletes, musicians, artists, and celebrities to wear Hoodies to Vote.

2.    TAKE PHOTOS in your hoodie, register voters in your hoodie. Make Hoodie Vote your profile pic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

3.    VOTE in your hoodie. Be an educated voter –not just for President, but also state and local issues and politicians like the ones who passed the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. Our goal is one million new and educated voters wearing hoodies to vote.

Hoodie Vote is a non-partisan grassroots movement. The Hoodie Vote project is open source. Any individual or organization can print their own Hoodie Vote hoodies.

CONTACT: Trell Thomas trellthms(at)gmail.com


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